Dlayer: Web development simplified

Dlayer is a responsive web development tool aimed primarily at users that don't have any web design or web development experience.

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I have two goals for Dlayer, the first is to simplify web development and design, the second is to provide the user with full control over every element and attribute that can be used to create a web page or website. These two goals are very much at odds with each other, but by concentrating on the UX and limiting the available options, I can meet both goals.

  • Simplify web development; Using Dlayer, you should be able to build a single web page or entire website without writing a single line of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or code.
  • Provide full control; Using Dlayer you will have total control over every element and

The Designers

Rather than create one monolithic app, I have split Dlayer into several single purpose designers that work in a similar way and have similar user interfaces.

To date, I have planned seven designers; two are in the Dlayer demo, five are in various stages of planning and development. The designers are the Content Manager, Form Builder, Website Manager, Media Library, Widget Manager, Data Manager and Question Manager.

Excluding the Website Manager and Data Manager, each of the designers shows a visually accurate representation of the current design/item.